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Ultrasound-Guided Interventional Pain Management Procedures - Fort / Lauderdale Miami, FL

6.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits

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About the Workshop

The Fort Lauderdale/Miami Ultrasound-Guided Interventional Pain Management Procedures Course teaches the most vital orthopedic indications for using image-guided injections for pain management (acute, subacute, and chronic conditions). For a whole day at the hotel, you will learn to refine and enhance your technique by performing soft tissue and joint injections during the intensive hands-on training portion of the program.

Learn to perform various injections for the shoulder, hip, and knees, as well as the sacroiliac joint and focused small joints. Combining the use of custom-fabricated models for ultrasound-guided musculoskeletal injections, and supervised practice on volunteer patients for anatomy and placement of transducers, the course program offers an extensive learning experience.

The Fort Lauderdale/Miami team will be Led by Empire’s lead instructor for Pain Management, and Board-Certified Physician, Dr. Earn Romane. The course is jointly provided by Medical Education Resources (MER) and Empire Medical Training, with a designated activity credit of 6.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit or 6.25 contact hours of continuing nursing education.

Ultrasound-Guided Interventional Pain Management Procedures and many more

We hope you make the most out of your learning with us here in Fort Lauderdale/Miami. Empire Medical Training provides courses and seminars across the country. Please feel free to browse our calendar to sign up for upcoming events in your city. You can make the most out of your investment and get more for what you pay with the Empire Platinum, Diamond, Blue Diamond, or Empire Dental for licensed dentists.

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Additional Course Information

Course Overview

Attendees of the Fort Lauderdale/Miami Ultrasound Guided Interventional Pain Management Procedures seminar will take part in didactic lectures in the morning and hands-on training in the afternoon so they can provide better treatment for patients with diverse medical and pain management difficulties. The use of MSK sonography for therapeutic injections as image guiding and diagnostic purposes for the assessment of specific pain conditions will be reviewed throughout the course.

Technological improvements to musculoskeletal transducers for ultrasound allow for clearer imaging resolution in visualizing peripheral nerves and their adjacent structures. An alternative to traditional "fluoroscopy" for pain management, ultrasound poses the benefit of increased reimbursement. With technological improvements, improved healing time, reduced pain, and increased reimbursement, Ultrasound Guided Injection Procedures are an attractive addition to any physician working in pain management. In addition, the Fort Lauderdale/Miami-based program includes the expandability of newer ultrasound technologies, software, and other practical uses for ultrasound within your practice.

In specialized case scenarios, combination techniques can help produce better results. Alternative uses for musculoskeletal ultrasound will be discussed during the course, including the use of PRP injections for pain management.

Course Objectives

During your stay in Fort Lauderdale/Miami, we expect you to become proficient in the following:

  • Perform MSK ultrasound for joints (bursa) and soft tissues such as tendons and muscles. Learn proper transducer position to ensure adequate placement of needle injection.
  • Learn from simulated procedures for the injection in soft tissues and joints (bursa) using sonography as image guidance for placement.
  • Understand limitations, clinical uses, and mechanisms of action for ultrasound sonography as well as its benefits to patients in an office setting. Identify various bone and soft tissue structures and characteristics associated with the diagnosis of inflamed soft tissue.
  • Enhanced patient selection using a diagnostic and therapeutic approach from image guidance, patient benefits over palpation for injection, and diagnostic interpretation of certain pain conditions using sonography to verify functional tests.
  • Improve patient awareness and benefits associated with sonography for pain conditions and offer enhanced patient care about this non-invasive, non-surgical procedure.
  • Perform joint injections in the shoulder, hip, knee, sacroiliac joint, and various small joints using ultrasound. Learn "in-plane" and "out-of-plane" injection techniques and aspiration.
  • Thorough understanding of anatomical landmarks necessary for injection techniques and the various pathologies that would benefit from the use of ultrasound-guided injections.
  • Perform ultrasound-guided injections for use in upper and lower extremity joints such as the shoulder, hip, knee, sacroiliac joint, and small joints.
  • Learn the alternative uses for musculoskeletal transducers such as PRP injections.
  • Understand the principles of ultrasound physics and the fundamentals of musculoskeletal imaging as well as a diagnostic tool through interpretation.
  • Successfully integrate ultrasound within your practice. Learn the specifics of business and and marketing including billing and coding as well as the various technologies available for physicians.

Who the event is for?

If you are a licensed physician based in Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Coral Springs, Hialeah, or any other nearby area in Florida, this course was made for you.


Course Agenda

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