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Medical Hair Loss Therapy Training - Chicago, IL

6.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits

VENUE: Hotel be announced

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About the Workshop

Calling all physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in the city of Chicago. If you are interested in medical hair loss therapy training, the Empire Medical Hair Restoration Training Accreditation features a combined program for injection therapy procedures, medications, hormone blockers, and natural supplements for hair regrowth.

With non-surgical options for hair restoration demand steadily increasing (5.7% expected growth each year through 2025), and with hair loss as a side effect of Long Covid, it has become increasingly important for practitioners to offer alternatives and enhanced care for patients suffering from Alopecia and other hair related conditions.

Taking place at the hotel in Chicago, Illinois, the Empire Medical Hair Restoration Training features the latest combined techniques in treating the various types of alopecia as well as evidence-based solutions for reversing hair loss and thinning. Study the protocols, build consistency, and grow confidence as you consolidate your brand as a certified aesthetic practitioner.

Master Hair Restoration Training and many more

We hope you enjoy your training and your stay in Chicago. At Empire Medical we want to make sure you always have the best time possible in any of the multiple cities where our courses take place. Make sure to check our calendar and plan your next workshop trip as you continue to expand your aesthetic practice.

The Hair Restoration Training Course from Empire Medical holds a 6.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit designation or 6.5 ANCC contact hours for Nurses. Additionally, attendees can opt for one of our Preceptorship Programs in order to consolidate themselves as experts in the Hair Restoration Market.

With over 175,000 satisfied program graduates, Empire Medical continues to deliver the latest in Aesthetic Training for Physicians, Nurses, and Dentists. With our optional Membership plans, you can get up to 45 courses for FREE. Get Board Certified today.

Additional Course Information

Course Overview

Featuring a combination of the most effective evidence-based methods for Hair Loss Therapies, our Chicago Empire Hair Restoration Training focuses on:

  • Combination Prescription Therapies (Minoxidil, Finasteride, Alpha II – 5 reductase inhibitors)
  • Mechanical Treatments (PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, LLT or Low-Level Laser Technologies, ACell or MatriStem®)
  • Naturopathic solutions

The course provides an extensive review of pathophysiology for hair growth, hair loss, hair thinning, common and lesser-known causes, and the latest data regarding gene expression, stem cell receptors, hormonal considerations (differences between men and women), and growth factors that should be considered when making a treatment plan.

As part of the Chicago Hair Restoration Training Workshop, attendees will receive updated protocols and regimen considerations, including:

  • Minoxidil (oral and topical) and the new revolutionary 82M prescription
  • Finasteride (oral and topical) and consideration for use with Minoxidil
  • Spinolactone (hair treatments, PCOS, acne)
  • Cyproterone Acetate (hair treatments, PCOS, acne)
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (hair treatments and other medical/aesthetic conditions)
  • ACell Technologies (MatriStem®) for use with Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Low-Level Laser Technologies (LLT) and Red Light Therapies

Attendees will also receive all the hair loss and regrowth treatment “pearls” including tips for early diagnosis, health considerations, testing (for women), and newer technologies such as the hair check system that allows physicians to create a base-line for hair and measure results while predicting hair loss 10 to 15 years in advance.

Hair Restoration Preceptorship Training

The Chicago Empire’s Advanced Preceptorship Training Program provides three additional learning pathways in partnership with Globally Prominent Hair Transplant Surgeon, Alan Bauman, MD from the Bauman Medical Group. As of now, there are three training options for fast-tracking your Hair Restoration Expertise:

The 1-Day Training Option – Hair Loss: A 1-Day Training program with turnkey solutions for hair loss and restoration management. Available for all professionals.

The 3-Day Training Advanced Shadowing Option – Hair Loss & Scalp: A more advanced pathway featuring the latest technologies available in the treatment of various alopecia conditions. Participants will be able to shadow the doctors, learning to identify, evaluate, track and manage different symptomatic scalp conditions. The 3-Day option features all components from the 1-Day Option and the opportunity to collaborate and network with other physicians.

The Individual Preceptorship Option: For those who are looking for the most advanced and complete training experience. Access proven protocols to identify, evaluate, track and manage hair loss. Become accustomed to BaumanPRP protocols and learn about transplantation services such as FUE Neograft, ARTAS Robotic-Assisted Procedures, as well as other types of treatments:(Eyelash, eyebrow, and other facial hair transplantation procedures). Individual training takes place at Bauman Medical in Boca Raton Florida.

Course Objectives

After their stay in Chicago, attendees are expected to incorporate the following into their practice:

  • Assess and evaluate patients experiencing hair loss and thinning:
    • Master scalp and hair anatomy, hair loss etiologies and identify the various types of alopecia including Androgenic Alopecia (Male Patterned Baldness (MPB), Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL), Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium, and Traction Alopecia.
    • Employ basic and advanced techniques in the nerve conduction examination.
  • Understand the relationship between the etiology and the available treatment options including those related to medical conditions, medications, hormonal, and genetic factors. Fully comprehend the differences between male and female alopecia and other types of underlying possible causes for hair loss in women.
  • Know the various hair loss therapies including medications (minoxidil, finasteride, dutasteride), hormone blockers (spironolactone, cyproterone acetate), natural supplements, injectable therapies (PRP, ACell), and various light-based energy devices (LLT, Red Light Therapies).
  • Consider the use of new technologies including the new Hair Check System.
  • Gain the necessary expertise and confidence to integrate these new procedures into a successful aesthetic practice.

At Empire Medical, we expect our graduates not only to be successful in performing new procedures and treatments but also to become financially successful. Preceptorship Training alternatives are also available to help practitioners

Who the event is for?

Specially designed for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals interested in medical hair loss therapy training. If you are a licensed physician based in Chicago, Aurora, Naperville, Joliet, Elgin, Waukegan, or any other nearby area in Illinois, this course was made for you.


Course Agenda

Planning your visit

Get ready for a never-ending party in Chicago and its surroundings! The city is known for its vibrant live music scene, ranging from classic jazz to alternative rock and electronic music. Visitors can enjoy concerts at iconic venues such as the Chicago Theatre and the House of Blues, or immerse themselves in local live music at small clubs and bars throughout the city. Chicago is also home to some of the world's largest music festivals, such as Lollapalooza and the Chicago Blues Festival, where attendees can enjoy a variety of live acts over several days. Additionally, there are many cultural festivals celebrating the city's diversity, such as the Puerto Rican Carnival in the Humboldt Park neighborhood and the Greek Culture Festival in the Greektown area. Music and culture lovers can experience the excitement and energy of Chicago's nightlife and its surroundings. Come and join the live party in Chicago!

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