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Advanced Lip Filler Injection Techniques - Anaheim, CA

VENUE: Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort | 1855 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim - Anaheim, CA 92802

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About the Workshop

Empire Medical Training proudly offers its Advanced Lip Filler Techniques 1-Day Training in Anaheim, CA. Tailored for medical professionals, this seminar combines practical workshops and expert lectures to advance injectable skills for aesthetic purposes. Led by qualified physicians and board-certified experts, the curriculum draws from 20 years of injectable experience, featuring specialized hands-on training crucial for enhancing your aesthetic practice.

Lip augmentation procedures, projected to see continued growth, dominate the application of HA fillers, surpassing cheeks and nasolabial fold injections across demographics. Whether novice or advanced, practitioners must adeptly administer dermal filler injections to meet patients' aesthetic desires in this fiercely competitive market, encompassing lip and perioral regions and other pertinent anatomical considerations.

Join us in Anaheim, CA, for the Advanced Lip Filler Techniques Course and more. Empire Medical Training hosts courses and seminars nationwide; explore our calendar for upcoming events in your area. Elevate your investment further with our Optional Membership Plans, offering benefits like Hands-On Live Patient training in up to 45 workshops and access to exclusive events.

Additional Course Information

Course Overview

Join us in Anaheim, CA, as we guide licensed practitioners through the latest injection techniques and trends. The Advanced Lip Filler Techniques course unveils exclusive insights into contemporary lip trends and comprehensive protocols for each procedure. Core subjects include combination therapies involving PDO Threads, HA Filler Selection, and strategies for avoiding adverse events.

Attendees will master the art of visualizing patients in a 3-Dimensional Effect Perspective for Lip Enhancement, incorporating Euclid Proportion (1:1.6), Steiner Line considerations, and Glogau-Klein point to prevent overcorrection and undesirable outcomes.

Throughout the course, participants will explore various lip styles, including Cosmopolitan Lips, Metropolitan (New Yorker) Lip Style, Russian “Baby Doll,” Glamour Lips, Reju Lip Style, Asiatic Lips, “Key Hole” Pout Lip Presentation, and others.

The Advanced Lip Filler Techniques Course will delve into the following injection techniques:

  • Russian Lip Techniques: Safely project HA product outward toward the lip border by vertically injecting at the lip base, yielding natural and refreshing lip results.
  • Microdroplet Technique: Utilize blunt tip cannulas to inject every lip crease, ideal for rejuvenating the philtrum (Cupid’s Bow) with minimal risk of bruising or vascular injury.
  • Lip Tenting (Pillar) Technique: Control filler amount to shape lips, particularly useful for asymmetrical lips or lip pockets.
  • Separation Technique: Round areas of both upper and lower lip to create a corrected look when lips are closed (Keyhole look).
  • Cross Hatching Technique: Enhance certain looks using a technique commonly employed for other dermal filler injections.
  • Advanced Fanning Technique: Drastically alter lip shape using needle and microcannulas for parallel-serial injections.

Practitioners will receive supervised hands-on training during the course. There is no charge for volunteers receiving aesthetic procedures during the program. Attendees may bring their own volunteers or notify Empire Medical Training seven days before the Anaheim, CA session.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to identify potential patients to safely perform advanced lip filling procedures while successfully managing patients’ expectations.
  • Study pertinent lip and perioral anatomy as well as specialty methods to evaluate patients (e.g., Euclid Proportion, Steiner Line, Glogau-Klein point) in providing consistent results.
  • Learn the different nerve procedures (dental blocks)
  • Learn to communicate with patients about their goals in maintaining a natural look on their lips, HA product selection, and realistic, expected results from the procedure.
  • Study injection guidelines associated with advanced lip filler procedures, and possible contraindications, and identify and learn how to manage complications or adverse events associated with the procedure.
  • Differentiate between the various adjunct treatments that can be utilized with lip filling including PDO Threads and Neurotoxins for the enhancement and augmentation of perioral and lip presentations.
  • Study proper techniques, suggested protocols, and knowledge "pearls" for administering advanced lip enhancement procedures.
  • Explore the necessary product information, pricing, and packaging strategies, as well as successful marketing strategies and techniques for incorporating and expanding your aesthetic services to include the latest, trending lip filler styles.

Who the event is for?

The Advanced Lip Filler Injection Techniques Training is a specialty course led by our board-certified Faculty staff of physicians in a clinical setting. A thorough understanding of Dermal Fillers and prior completion of the Empire Medical Training’s “Complete Dermal Filler” or “Advanced Dermal Filler” Training is a pre-requisite for attending the course. If you are a practitioner with prior experience in administering HA Dermal fillers and you are based in Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, Decatur, or any other nearby area, then this course is for you.

Attendees who successfully complete the program and show proficiency during the hands-on portion of the program will be awarded a certificate of completion.


Course Agenda






Speaker Introduction: Review of Agenda/Objectives including the indications for use, efficacy, safety, and patient goals (consultation) for the procedures. Review patient selection criteria utilizing the various measurement methods to evaluate patients (e.g., Euclid Proportion, Steiner Line, Glogau-Klein). Market Size, Pricing, Promotion, and Packaging considerations. Review pertinent facial anatomy, advanced injection techniques, adjunctive treatments, and product selection options.




Review the various types of looks (lip styles) including protocols, injection pearls, and guidelines to follow to ensure successful treatments including:

  • Cosmopolitan Lips
  • Metropolitan (New Yorker) Lip Style
  • Russian “Baby Doll
  • Reju Lip Style (a new approach to natural lips)
  • Heart-Shaped Lips
  • Glamour Lips
  • Asiatic Lips
  • Mediterranean Lips (extended commissures)
  • “Key Hole” Pout Lip Presentation

Managing complications, anesthesia options, and correcting common adverse events.


Lunch (on your own)


Hands-On Training Session: Small group breakout sessions with live patients. Questions & Answers.

Planning your visit

We highly recommend taking a break from your training to explore the captivating city of Atlanta and its neighboring areas. You don't have to venture too far to experience some of the city's most renowned attractions, whether you want to unwind or enjoy some cultural activities. From scenic parks to historic landmarks, there is something for everyone to discover.

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