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Dermal Filler Training - Nashville, TN

8.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits

VENUE: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel | 2100 West End Ave - Nashville, TN 37203

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About the Workshop

At Empire Medical Training, our goal is a successful and more conscious aesthetic practice. We
have built our courses to get you there.
This seminar features the latest cutting-edge Dermal Filler techniques for physicians, nurses,
dentists, and licensed healthcare professionals in Nashville, TN, and it counts as 8 hours of
continuing nursing education for ANCC Accreditation.
Approved by the AMA for a maximum of 8 hours (8.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM), the
Empire Medical Training’s Dermal Filler Workshop provides a comprehensive roadmap toward
enhanced patient care. Additionally, it improved decision-making when choosing FDA-approved
Dermal Fillers injections according to G-Prime rating standards.

Additional Course Information

Course Overview

Here's what you should know about our Nashville, TN, Dermal Filler Training program:
With hyaluronic acid products (HA) accounting for over 94% of the soft dermal filler market, the
rise and preference for non-invasive aesthetic procedures, and a projected CAGR growth of
6.58% from 2021 to 2028 USD —9.22 billion by 2028 (VMR, 2021), the Dermal Filler
Comprehensive Training Program is a must.
The Comprehensive Dermal Filler Training is a hands-on full one-day course that seeks to
enhance your understanding of dermal fillers and non-invasive techniques while you develop
the necessary skills to practice and perform procedures, adhere to generally accepted
protocols, and properly assess dermal filler procedure candidates.
This seminar is supported by didactic lectures and training lessons with live patient models and
will take place at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, TN.
Approved for 8 AMA PRA Category 1 CME CreditTM hours, this workshop is supervised by
board-certified aesthetic physician instructors with top-tier level training on FDA-approved HA
and non-HA fillers such as:

● Juvéderm®
● Belotero Balance
● Radiesse®
● Sculptra®,
● Bellafil®

● Ultra Restylane®

Course Objectives

Guided by specialists, in our Nashville, TN, Dermal Filler Training Course, you will learn
techniques for placement and product selection to eliminate or enhance the following facial
● Nasolabial Folds (NLF)
● Marionette Lines
● Submalar Hollow
● Lip Enhancement (Lip-plumping and Vermillion Border treatment with PDO Threads)
● Cheek Augmentation
● Tear Through
● Pre-jowl Sulcus
● Advanced Injections (i.e., hands, dimpled chin, laugh lines, etc.)
Upon completion of this workshop, you will also know how to:
● Evaluate dermal fillers based on their G-Prime rating
● Develop a broad understanding of different HA dermal fillers (such as Restylane®,
Juvederm®, and Radiesse®, Belotero®, and more)
● Strategically manage dermal fillers to get as many corrections as needed
● Choose between anesthesia options, including topical gels and facial nerve blocks,
including the appropriate techniques in treating facial lipoatrophy, pre-jowl sulcus, lips,
chin, folds, and eye hollow
● Master injection techniques using blunt tip cannulas for reduced bruising and possible
occlusion of vessels
● Manage acquisition, patient charting, and administration issues (i.e., medical intake &
informed consent forms, and other paperwork).
● Recognize the dermal filler procedure’s guidelines, fundamental facial anatomy, changes
in the product properties and injection areas, patient preferences, managing patient’s
expectations, and aftercare
● Expand your business strategy, master the marketing aspects and build a solid pricing
understanding that can be integrated into your business philosophy
● Offer enhanced patient care regarding dermal filler treatment and aesthetic expectations
and offer correction in adverse case scenarios.
For additional information you can visit the Nashville, TN, Dermal Filler Training Courses page
or call us at 866-333-6747.

Who the event is for?

This seminar features the latest cutting-edge Dermal Filler techniques for physicians, nurses, dentists, and licensed healthcare professionals in Nashville, TN, and it counts as 8 hours of continuing nursing education for ANCC Accreditation.


To ensure the highest level of attendee participation and safeguard patient volunteers attending
our training course in Nashville, TN, we provide helpful content through Empire's education
Prior to participating in the hands-on training module with live patients, we require that you
complete Empire's Video On Demand or Empire-Virtual-Training.
As a fantastic alternative for people who cannot participate in our Nashville, TN, workshop, we
have designed a virtual training where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and
interact with the Physician instructor. After registration, you will gain access to the Empire’s
education portal with access to all training materials.

Color Training Manual & Videos
Every attendee is required to download and study Empire’s color training manual and videos.
This prerequisite training module is a comprehensive supplement that can help you enhance

your learning experience:

Review of Product Characteristics, Mechanism of Action, Indicated Areas for Patients
● Review of FDA Approved Dermal Fillers by the following criteria: G’ Prime (strength) and
Flexibility (xStrain) for HA Products as well as their pertinent use in different case
● Recommended path of action for the available crosslinked HA products and
recommended optimal application for the various facial areas for fillers
● Learn the most common areas for injection utilizing dermal filler injections and the
associated techniques for each procedure

Patient Consultation Process
● Handle patient expectations regarding dermal fillers and aesthetic expectations,
including the need for additional products or additional facial areas for rejuvenation
● Review various injection techniques in correcting areas of asymmetry or contrast to fulfill
the patient’s aesthetic goals

Review of Facial Anatomy:
● Complete review of facial vasculature, facial nerves, and lymphatic areas to avoid
● Possible Contraindications for Treatment
● Review Zones of Adherence, minimizing and preventing contour deformities
● Correcting and avoiding Complications and managing adverse events associated with
the HA and Non-HA injections including reversal of the procedure.

Standard of Care considerations, understanding of the medical model, safety
techniques, and indications for treatment for the following areas:
● Perform and understand blunt tip cannula injections for highly vascular areas of the face
including techniques used for areas where hypodermic needles are contraindicated.
● Nasolabial Fold (NLF) area using crosshatch and linear threading and proper product
● Marionette Line areas of the face and various techniques to lessen or eliminate these
stubborn lines.
● Prejowl Sulcus and the various techniques to correct areas of contrast.

● Review lip injections by micro-cannula or by hypodermic needle injection for enhancing
the body of the lip (lip plumping) or redefining of the lip by needle microcannula, or PDO
● Review other facial indications including protocols for other facial areas including
● Cheekbone Enhancement, Cheek Augmentation, Hands, Jawline Contouring, and other
common facial and body indications utilizing dermal fillers.
● Post Procedure Protocols and Touch-Up Recommendations for Patients.

Course Agenda

12:45 pm-1:00pm • Registration
1:00 pm-2:00 pm • Introduction by Empire Medical Training, History & Overview of Empire
Medical Training, Review of prerequisite video and Agenda/Objectives
2:00pm-5:00pm • Hands-On Sessions. Small group break-out sessions with live patients.
Attendees must administer available HA Dermal Filler FDA-approved products to understand
the many techniques and patient approaches for augmentation. Our physician-supervised
hands-on training cover the following areas:
● Nasolabial Folds
● Marionette Lines
● Pre-Jowl Sulcus
● Lips (Vermillion Border with PDO Threads)
All participants must follow COVID-19 precautions per updated CDC guidelines and must
adhere to Empire Medical Training’s safety policies. Any patients and/or volunteers must agree
to the policies before participating in the hands-on session and always adhere to CDC

Planning your visit

<p>Empire Medical Training&rsquo;s Dermal filler team is delighted to welcome you to one of the country&rsquo;s most famous cities, Nashville, which is a place that is full of adventure and activities.</p>
<p>In the section below, you will discover more about:</p>
<li aria-level="1">Different accommodation options in Nashville</li>
<li aria-level="1">Details on how to get there (and get around once you&rsquo;re comfortably settled in)</li>
<li aria-level="1">The best things to see and do in Nashville and the surrounding regions</li>
<p>Hotel/Travel Information</p>
<p>Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, is located right in the heart of the state. Although we would be delighted to welcome you to stay at our host hotel, the<a href=""> Homewood Suites Nashville/ Vanderbilt West End</a>, you can also pick between lots of other accommodation options if you would prefer.</p>
<p><strong>Homewood Suites Nashville/ Vanderbilt West End</strong></p>
<p>The Homewood Suites Nashville/ Vanderbilt West End has been chosen as the host of our<a href=""> Complete Botox Training</a>,<a href=""> Dermal Filler</a>, and<a href=""> Facial Aesthetics</a> workshops this year.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Situated just south of the Cumberland river, you have the opportunity to access many of the attractions that make Nashville such a popular and widely celebrated city. You can find many of the main attractions on your doorstep, but there is also a lot more accessible by car.</p>
<p>While you are staying at the Homewood Suites Nashville/ Vanderbilt West End, you can expect all sorts of amenities, including:</p>
<li aria-level="1">Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel</li>
<li aria-level="1">Fitness center</li>
<li aria-level="1">&nbsp;Complimentary hot breakfast</li>
<li aria-level="1">Meeting rooms and business space</li>
<li aria-level="1">Central location</li>
<li aria-level="1">Smart TV</li>
<li aria-level="1">Simple, comfortable d&eacute;cor</li>
<p><strong><em>How to Get To The Homewood Suites Nashville/ Vanderbilt West End</em></strong></p>
<p>Nashville city center, where the hotel is located, is a short drive from Nashville Central Airport. Here&rsquo;s some extra info on how to get here from either one of them.</p>
<p><strong>From George Bush Intercontinental/Nashville Airport</strong></p>
<li aria-level="1">&nbsp;Head south on Terminal Dr towards Airport Service Rd</li>
<li aria-level="1">&nbsp;Keep left to stay on Terminal Dr</li>
<li aria-level="1">Merge onto I-40 W</li>
<li aria-level="1">Keep left at the fork to stay on I-40 W, follow signs for Huntsville/Memphis/Interstate 65 S</li>
<li aria-level="1">Take exit 209 towards Church St/Charlotte Ave</li>
<li aria-level="1">Merge onto George L Davis Blvd</li>
<li aria-level="1">Turn right onto Church St</li>
<p>As this is the fourth largest city in the Southeastern US, renting a car is the easiest way to get around the local area. All the major car rental companies serve the region&rsquo;s airports. If you don&rsquo;t want to rent a car, ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft are available throughout the Nashville area.</p>
<p><strong>Nearby Hotels</strong></p>
<p>If you want to stay anywhere else other than Homewood Suites Nashville/ Vanderbilt West End, there are several different accommodation options that you can bear in mind:</p>
<li aria-level="1">Hotel Indigo Nashville</li>
<li aria-level="1">Hyatt House Nashville</li>
<li aria-level="1">Hampton Inn &amp; Suites Nashville</li>
<li aria-level="1">DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Nashville</li>
<li aria-level="1">Hyatt Centric Downtown Nashville</li>
<li aria-level="1">Dream Nashville</li>
<li aria-level="1">Graduate Nashville</li>
<li aria-level="1">Holston Hotel Nashville</li>
<li aria-level="1">The Union Station Nashville</li>
<p>What to Do In Nashville</p>
<p>When you are not involved in training, there is plenty to explore and experience in Nashville and the surrounding region. If you have a rental car, you will have the freedom to explore the city at your leisure, but there is a lot to experience on foot as well. No matter what you decide, you will not have to go too far away to discover the world-famous city and everything it has to offer.</p>
<p><strong>Outdoor Activities in Nashville and Surrounding Areas</strong></p>
<p>The weather in and around Nashville is quite variable throughout the winter period, but outdoor activities will always be a possibility. As one of the most renowned and famous cities in the US, you certainly want to get outside and soak up the atmosphere.</p>
<li aria-level="1">&nbsp;<a href="">Warner Parks</a>: Just nine miles away from the city center, this is one of the city&rsquo;s most celebrated parks and is packed with walking trails, athletic fields, and more.</li>
<li aria-level="1">Cumberland Park: On the other side of the river from downtown Nashville, this is the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset with the backdrop of the city.</li>
<li aria-level="1">Centennial Park: Located near the city center, there is a beautiful lake here that is home to all sorts of urban wildlife. Waterside paths are also available to stroll and soak up the atmosphere.</li>
<li aria-level="1"><a href="">Cheekwood Botanical Garden</a>: If you are looking for a little slice of Japan in central Tennessee, this is undoubtedly the place to come to enjoy some peace and serenity.</li>
<li aria-level="1"><a href="">&nbsp;Arrington Vineyards</a>: Just a 30-minute drive outside of the city center, the vineyard's rolling hills are home to some fantastic wine that you can enjoy here.</li>
<p><strong>Culture and Entertainment in Nashville and Beyond</strong></p>
<p>Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee and is the world-famous home of country music. When you stay at our host hotel, you are within easy reach of many of the most famous and celebrated attractions.</p>
<li aria-level="1">&nbsp;Broadway: A center of entertainment, this is the first place that many people head when they arrive in the city to experience some of the world-famous nightlife, which is amongst the best in the country.</li>
<li aria-level="1"><a href="">&nbsp;Ryman Auditorium</a>: If there is one thing to do when you are in Nashville, it is enjoying some live music. Said to be the home of bluegrass music, this is a great starting point, but plenty more are dotted all over the city.</li>
<li aria-level="1"><a href="">Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum</a>: If you are looking to learn the whole story about how one of the country&rsquo;s most celebrated music styles came to be, this is the place to go.</li>
<li aria-level="1">Parthenon: You don&rsquo;t have to go all the way to Athens in Greece when you can see a replica of the historic building right here in Nashville.</li>
<li aria-level="1"><a href="">Johnny Cash Museum</a>: For fans of the American icon himself, this is a comprehensive and engaging museum that tells you everything that you need to know.</li>
<li aria-level="1">Andrew Jackson&rsquo;s Hermitage: This fascinating museum stands in the spot of the seventh President&rsquo;s plantation.</li>

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