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Dermal Filler Training - Las Vegas, NV

8.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits

VENUE: Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino | 206 N 3rd St - Las Vegas, NV 89101

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About the Workshop

Designed for physicians, nurses, dentists, and licensed healthcare professionals in Las Vegas,
NV, the Empire Medical Training’s Dermal Filler Workshop offer the latest cutting-edge Dermal
Filler techniques.
This course provides a comprehensive roadmap toward enhanced patient care and improved
decision-making when choosing FDA-approved Dermal Fillers injections according to G-Prime
rating standards.
The AMA approves our Dermal Filler Workshop for a maximum of 8 hours (8.0 AMA PRA
Category 1 Credit(s)TM) and 8 hours of continuing nursing education for ANCC Accreditation.
Our goal is a successful and more conscious aesthetic practice. We have built our courses to
get you there.

Additional Course Information

Course Overview

Nowadays, the Dermal Filler Comprehensive Training Program is a must as trends have taught
us that Hyaluronic Acid products (HA) consist in over 94% of the soft dermal filler market, there
is a rise and preference for non-invasive aesthetic procedures, and a projected CAGR growth of
6.58% from 2021 to 2028 USD —9.22 billion by 2028 (VMR, 2021).
Want to know more about the Dermal Filler Training program?
Las Vegas, NV, Comprehensive Dermal Filler Training is a hands-on full one-day course
supervised by board-certified aesthetic physician instructors with top-tier level training on
FDA-approved HA and non-HA fillers such as Juvéderm®, Belotero Balance, Radiesse®,
Sculptra®, Bellafil®, and Ultra Restylane®, as well as other dermal fillers.
Permitted for 8 AMA PRA Category 1 CME CreditTM hours, this course seeks to enhance your
understanding of dermal fillers and non-invasive techniques while you develop the necessary
skills to practice and perform procedures, adhere to generally accepted protocols, and properly
assess dermal filler procedure candidates.
This program includes didactic lectures and training lessons with live patient models.

Course Objectives

Receive methodical guidance from our specialists during Las Vegas, NV, Dermal Filler Training
Course. Upon completion, you will know placement techniques and product selection to
eliminate or enhance the following facial areas:
● Nasolabial Folds (NLF)
● Marionette Lines
● Submalar Hollow
● Lip Enhancement (Lip-plumping and Vermillion Border treatment with PDO Threads)
● Cheek Augmentation
● Tear Through
● Pre-jowl Sulcus
● Advanced Injections (i.e., hands, dimpled chin, laugh lines, etc.)
You will also learn how to:
● Evaluate dermal fillers based on their G-Prime rating
● Develop a broad understanding of different HA dermal fillers (such as Restylane®,
Juvederm®, and Radiesse®, Belotero®, and more)
● Strategically manage dermal fillers to get as many corrections as needed
● Choose between anesthesia options, including topical gels and facial nerve blocks,
including the appropriate techniques in treating facial lipoatrophy, pre-jowl sulcus, lips,
chin, folds, and eye hollow
● Master injection techniques using blunt tip cannulas for reduced bruising and possible
occlusion of vessels
● Manage acquisition, patient charting, and administration issues (i.e., medical intake &
informed consent forms, and other paperwork).
● Recognize the dermal filler procedure’s guidelines, fundamental facial anatomy, changes
in the product properties and injection areas, patient preferences, managing patient’s
expectations, and aftercare
● Expand your business strategy, master the marketing aspects and build a solid pricing
understanding that can be integrated into your business philosophy
● Offer enhanced patient care regarding dermal filler treatment and aesthetic expectations
and offer correction in adverse case scenarios.
Visit the Dermal Filler Training Courses page for additional information, or call us at
866-333-6747 to speak with one of our representatives.

Who the event is for?

Designed for physicians, nurses, dentists, and licensed healthcare professionals in Las Vegas, NV, the Empire Medical Training’s Dermal Filler Workshop offer the latest cutting-edge Dermal Filler techniques.


Before attending our course in Las Vegas, NV, Empire Medical Training requires you to
complete one of the following preparatory course materials:
● Empire’s Video On Demand
● Empire-Virtual-Training
It is essential to complete this prerequisite before partaking in the Live Patient, Hands-On
Practice Training Module to ensure the highest level of participation from attendees and
safeguard attending volunteer patients.
The virtual training can also be a good alternative for those who cannot attend Las Vegas, NV
workshop. During this seminar, they can ask questions, interact with the Physician instructor,
and review training material from the Empire’s education portal.

Color Training Manual & Videos
Each participant must download and study Empire’s color training manual and videos; they are
a comprehensive supplement that can help you enhance your learning experience:

Review of Product Characteristics, Mechanism of Action, Indicated Areas for Patients
● Review of FDA Approved Dermal Fillers by the following criteria: G’ Prime (strength) and
Flexibility (xStrain) for HA Products as well as their pertinent use in different case
● Recommended path of action for the available crosslinked HA products and
recommended optimal application for the various facial areas for fillers
● Learn the most common areas for injection utilizing dermal filler injections and the
associated techniques for each procedure

Patient Consultation Process
● Handle patient expectations regarding dermal fillers and aesthetic expectations,
including the need for additional products or additional facial areas for rejuvenation
● Review various injection techniques in correcting areas of asymmetry or contrast to fulfill
the patient’s aesthetic goals

Review of Facial Anatomy:
● Complete review of facial vasculature, facial nerves, and lymphatic areas to avoid
● Possible Contraindications for Treatment
● Review Zones of Adherence, minimizing and preventing contour deformities
● Correcting and avoiding Complications and managing adverse events associated with
the HA and Non-HA injections including reversal of the procedure.

Standard of Care considerations, understanding of the medical model, safety
techniques, and indications for treatment for the following areas:
● Perform and understand blunt tip cannula injections for highly vascular areas of the face
including techniques used for areas where hypodermic needles are contraindicated.
● Nasolabial Fold (NLF) area using crosshatch and linear threading and proper product
● Marionette Line areas of the face and various techniques to lessen or eliminate these
stubborn lines.
● Prejowl Sulcus and the various techniques to correct areas of contrast.
● Review lip injections by micro-cannula or by hypodermic needle injection for enhancing
the body of the lip (lip plumping) or redefining of the lip by needle microcannula, or PDO

● Review other facial indications including protocols for other facial areas including
● Cheekbone Enhancement, Cheek Augmentation, Hands, Jawline Contouring, and other
common facial and body indications utilizing dermal fillers.
● Post Procedure Protocols and Touch-Up Recommendations for Patients.

Course Agenda

12:45 pm-1:00pm • Registration
1:00 pm-2:00 pm • Introduction by Empire Medical Training, History & Overview of Empire
Medical Training, Review of prerequisite video and Agenda/Objectives
2:00pm-5:00pm • Hands-On Sessions. Small group break-out sessions with live patients.
Attendees must administer available HA Dermal Filler FDA-approved products to understand
the many techniques and patient approaches for augmentation. Our physician-supervised
hands-on training cover the following areas:
● Nasolabial Folds
● Marionette Lines
● Pre-Jowl Sulcus
● Lips (Vermillion Border with PDO Threads)
All participants must follow COVID-19 precautions according to the CDC’s guidelines and must
adhere to Empire Medical Training’s safety policies. Any patients and/or volunteers must agree
to the policies before participating in the hands-on session and must always follow CDC

Planning your visit

Empire Medical Training's Dermal Las Vegas training team can't wait to welcome you to America's entertainment capital, Las Vegas. You're going to have a blast here! 

Below you'll learn more about some essential information about Las Vegas, such as:

  • Where to stay in Las Vegas 
  • How to get to the venue
  • Best ways to travel Las Vegas
  • Fun things to do and see

Hotel/Travel Information

Las Vegas is located about five hours by car from Los Angeles and Phoenix. If you're flying into town, McCarran International Airport has direct or one-stop service to most major U.S. airports. There are great hotels in Las Vegas to stay in, however, we'd love to welcome you to our host hotel, the Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa.

Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa

The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa hosts our Complete Botox Training, Dermal Filler, and Facial Aesthetics workshops in Las Vegas this year. Located just one block off the Strip and a few minutes by car from McCarran International Airport, it's a convenient hub for your stay here.

Plus, the Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa is no ordinary Vegas lodging. It boasts more than 800 rooms, 13 suites, and can't-miss amenities like:

  • A rooftop pool with stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip and the mountains beyond
  • Poolside cabanas available to reserve
  • An award-winning restaurant, Jake & Eli — famous for its world-class whiskey list
  • A full-service day spa, the Hibiscus Spa, offering an array of relaxing, rejuvenating treatments to start or end your day
  • A fully staffed onsite business center
  • 21 business meeting rooms with nearly 30,000 feet of total meeting space
  • An onsite fitness center with keycard access
  • Valet parking for $20/night

How to Get To The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa

You'll have no problem finding The Westin, as it's located in the heart of the city and is not far from key travel links.

Most of our guests fly into McCarran International Airport and take a taxi to the host venue. If you're picking up a rental car at the airport or driving into Vegas from somewhere else, back up your GPS with these easy driving directions.

From McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas Airport)

  • From the airport terminal, follow McCarran Airport Connector for approximately 1 mile.
  • Turn left onto E Tropicana Ave. and proceed for approximately 0.5 mile.
  • Turn right onto Deckow Ln. and follow it as it becomes E Tompkins Ave.
  • After approximately 0.2 miles, turn right onto Koval Ln.
  • Follow Koval Ln. for approximately 1 mile, then look for the hotel sign.

From Los Angeles and Points Southwest

  • Take I-15 northbound, following signs for Las Vegas.
  • Take Exit 38 for E Flamingo Road westbound (Nevada Highway 592).
  • Follow E Flamingo Road for approximately 1 mile, then look for the hotel sign.

From Phoenix and Points Southeast

  • Follow US-93 northbound through Arizona, following signs for Kingman and then Las Vegas.
  • After crossing into Nevada, stay on US-93/I-11.
  • Take Exit 23 for I-215 westbound.
  • Follow I-215 westbound for approximately 10 miles.
  • Take Exit 12A for I-15 northbound.
  • Follow I-15 northbound for approximately 3.5 miles, then take Exit 38 for E Flamingo Road westbound.
  • Follow E Flamingo Road for approximately 1 mile, then look for the hotel sign.

Nearby Hotels

If you prefer not to stay at the Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa, there are various top-quality alternatives in the city. This is Las Vegas, after all. Consider these fine hotels and resorts on or near the Strip:

  • Luxor Hotel & Casino
  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
  • MGM Grand
  • The Mirage
  • Circus Circus
  • Excalibur Hotel & Casino
  • The Bellagio 
  • Paris Las Vegas
  • Tropicana Las Vegas
  • Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
  • Flamingo Hotel & Casino
  • The Venetian

What to Do in Las Vegas

Despite our training course being the main attraction to your visit to the city, we hope you find some time outside of training to experience the best Las Vegas has to offer. After you've done your duty as a tourist and strolled the Strip, you might want to consider some of these entertainment options.

Sightseeing and Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas and Surrounding Areas

Weather permitting, these outdoor attractions show another side of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas of Nevada, Arizona, and California.

  • Red Rock Canyon: Choose from more than two dozen hikes in the high desert foothills west of Las Vegas. Stunning vistas and petroglyphs abound here.
  • Springs Preserve: The highlight here for sure is the botanical gardens complex. Don't miss the butterfly habitat either; it's a dash of color for winter visitors from colder parts of the country.
  • Mount Charleston Wilderness Area: Up for more outdoor adventure? The Mount Charleston Wilderness Area covers some of southern Nevada’s highest, most challenging terrain.
  • Hoover Dam: They don't call it the eighth wonder of the world for nothing. And it's less than an hour from the Vegas Strip.
  • Grand Canyon: Though pricey, a helicopter or small plane tour gets you there faster. Otherwise, the beautiful North Rim is a day trip at least. It's worth every minute, of course.
  • Death Valley: Another day trip, at least, and also worth every minute. When else can you say you made it to the lowest place in the U.S.? Just bring plenty of water.

Culture and Entertainment in Las Vegas and Beyond

With regards to entertainment, Vegas has something for everyone. In fact, it's world-renowned as being a great destination if you're looking for something fun and exciting to do. You're spoiled for choice in Las Vegas, as there are plenty of top-quality, Michelin Star restaurants, exquisite casinos, and fantastic stage shows and performances.

Some of the best attractions in the city include:

  • Fountain Show at the Bellagio: The Bellagio's world-famous fountain display is a can't-miss spectacle just off the Strip.
  • High Roller Observation Wheel: Located at the LINQ, this oversized Ferris wheel offers stunning views from its 550-foot apex.
  • Gondola Ride at the Venetian: Book a gondola ride through the Venetian's serene canals and be transported across the Atlantic. Like Venice without the crowds. 
  • SkyPod/Observation Deck at the STRAT: The Stratosphere tower soars more than 1,000 feet above the Strip. Book some time at its observation deck and see the sights from above.
  • Fremont Street: Located in downtown Vegas, north of the Strip, this is the heart of honky-tonk Old Las Vegas.
  • Mob Museum: The Mafia ruled Vegas for much of the 20th century before the city cleaned up its act. The Mob Museum tells the story of that dark but thrilling past.
  • Neon Museum: Where do old neon lights go when they're no longer needed? In Vegas, many end up at the Neon Museum, a spectacular showcase of Vegas history as told through its neon signage.

SPEEDVegas: Don't own a Ferrari or Lamborghini (yet)? You can drive one here for a reasonable price, safe from other drivers (and speed limits).

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